Seher Özinan graduated from the Graphics Division of the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Marmara in İstanbul. After completing her specialization in the department of Graphics and Arts in 1988, she went to Italy where she worked in the fields of textiles and fashion and improved herself in clothing. In recent years she engaged in painting and drawing.


The artist has continued to keep in touch with Italy and she has exposed her works in a few countries at the following places :


2001 Rome, Barberini Palace

2002 Trieste, RAS Palace

2002 Rome, Ex Mattatoio Expo

2002 Rome, National Museum of Oriental Art - Brancaccio Palace

2003 Rome - Genzano, Infiorata Museum

2004 İstanbul, Topkapı Palace Museum

2004 Ankara, Ethnographic Museum

2004 Ankara, Armony Art Gallery

2004 Paris, Salle Olympe de Gouges

2004 Rome, Sapienza Palace

2005 Latina, Theatre d'Annunzio

2005 Berlin, Association of Turkish Culture and Art in Germany-Turkishhouse

2008 İstanbul, The Marmara Hotel

2010 İstanbul, Yetenek Art Center

2010 İstanbul, Nakkaş Art Gallery

2011 Mardin, Konak Gallery

2013 Kütahya, University of Dumlupınar

2014 İstanbul, University of İstanbul - Kuyucu Murat Paşa Medresesi


Still, she's going on painting other works.